What to do in Hanoi in rainy season

Are you a traveler? You want to experience a unique culture and beautiful landscape. Let’s coming to Hanoi and fulfilling your desire. Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam – has long become favorite destination among both domestic and international travelers. Its character can’t be inseparable from its weather. But in sunny season or rainy season, Hanoi is still beautiful in traveler’s eyes. Below are some recommended things to do in Hanoi in rainy season for you.

If the sunshine brightens Hanoi which is a bustling city, the downpour will clean Hanoi, make it become more beautiful and colorful with the ancient wall and water droplet remaining on green leaves. The city enjoys a mild, tropical climate typical of northern Vietnam, with the monsoon season falling between May and October. There are plenty of indoor activities to do in Hanoi. So, if you stay in Hanoi in rainy season, don’t waste time at the hotel and follow my footstep to explore the beauty of Hanoi.

Visit A Museum

At that time, visiting a museum is the most likely choice. There are lots of museums in Hanoi where you have an opportunity to learn about Vietnam’s rich culture and history while escaping daytime downpours during your journey such as Vietnam Mseum of Ethnology , Vietnam Women’s Museum, Hanoi Museum. Tickets are priced about 20000 VND or 25000 per person, depending on the museum you chose.
hanoi museum           Hanoi Museum


Another place you can not ignore in rainy season is the Local Art Scene. It has no shortage of art galleries and handicraft centre, located in Trang Tien Street in Old Quarter. A popular art gallery is Thanh Binh gallery, which has Vietnam’s respected modern artists as well as a range of lacquerware paintings. You can learn from the life and history in Hanoi through the paintings. Let the rain be outdoor and enjoy the works of art. This destination is for those who love art and prefer peacefulness.


One of the top things to do in Hanoi in rainy season is exploring Bat Trang Pottery village. Hanoi is famous for many, traditional craft villages especially for Bat Trang pottery village- an attraction that you should not miss during your stay in Hanoi . You will have a chance to visit local pottery market and get interesting experience in otter-making workshop to directly make your own ceramic products. This is the best way to explore the slow pace of life in Hanoi between the crowded street. Spending time to Bat Trang village will bring you an unforgettable memory after you leave Hanoi. See more in Hanoi Bat Trang Village.
bat trangBat Trang: The traditional ceramic village in Hanoi


Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is one of the cultural highlights of Northen Vietnam, a traditional spiritual performance of Vietnamthat first started in the Red River Delta. Seeing beautiful Water Puppet Performance which moves jerkily along the water’s surface. And figuring out how puppeteers control the puppets from beneath the water has been closely guarded for centuries. It is usually held on 15:00; 16:00; 17:20; 18:30 and 20:00. Ticket is priced at 100000 VND for an hour – long performance.

Water puppetry in Vietnam
                                                                      Puppet water


There are countless ways to pass the time pleasantly indoors in Hanoi. You can do to the clubs or cafe, enjoy a cup of coffee and contemplate the Hanoi under the rain drops. How beautiful it is! Hanoi is a very dynamic city and it is an interesting thing to do. Just sit there at a road side café watching life passing by. In the rain, everything looks different and nicer and you can capture that moment in your shootings in Hanoi. Find yourself a hot coffee and a seat near the windows in street café shop. You will know the true meaning of life under the rain! And you’ll find Hanoi in rainy season not too boring but really give travelers a sense of being fresh and full of vitality.

Egg Coffee

In conclusion, you can try these recommended things above – the best things or you can explore wherever you want. Don’t hesitate to discover and experience things Hanoi, the rain cannot stop you from learning culture, having a lot of fun and making friends with locals. Let’s pay a visit to Hanoi! RAIN IS ONLY WATER.

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