5 Impressive New Year Traditional Costumes In Asia

Vietnamese ao dai, Japanese Kimono, cheongsam of Chinese, Korean Hanbok or saree India has always been considered as impressive traditional costumes for New Year’s Day and is the pride of the Oriental peoples.


 Impressive New Year Traditional Costumes In Asia

1. Vietnamese traditional costume- Ao Dai


Ao Dai Vietnam

The traditional Vietnamese costume was born in early 17th century, over ups and downs of history, the Ao Dai has contributed to present essence, soul and personality of Vietnamese women.

Impressive-Traditional-Costumes-Asia (1)

Ao Dai- national soul of Vietnamese women

Impressive-Traditional-Costumes-Asia (2)

Ao Dai on New Year holiday

2. KIMONO – traditional costume of Japan

Impressive-Traditional-Costumes-Asia (7)

A Japanese lovely young woman in traditional kimono

Photos of lovely women in kimono have created a distinctive look of Japanese culture. Kimono is usually compared as a multi-color painting.

3. HANBOK – Typical Culture of Korean

Impressive-Traditional-Costumes-Asia (5)

From long time ago, Hanbok has become a cultural characteristic of Korea.

4. Cheongsam – Charm of Chinese Women

Impressive-Traditional-Costumes-Asia (16)

Cheongsam- a charm of Chinese women

As the traditional dress of the Chinese, cheongsam has a long history of development and represents a unique interference of Chinese civilization and Western aesthetic standpoint. Cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women and honors the natural curve, both elegant and very sexy.

5. Saree- Traditional Costume of India

Impressive-Traditional-Costumes-Asia (14)

Brilliant Beauty of Saree in Bolywood

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