Hanoi Restaurants and Café with Most Attractive Décor on 2015 Christmas

Do not miss the chance to sip Christmas atmosphere by visiting these lovely cafes.

1. The Coffee Inn Phan Chu Trinh

most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (7)


most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (8)most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (9)

The Coffee Inn is very outstanding to Hanoi young people because of its decoration for Christmas. Instead of Christmas trees and Santa Claus, The Coffee Inn is decorated with walls painted with images of Santa Claus.

2. Cup of Tea –  Linh Lang street


Cup of Tea chooses to decorate gently and subtly with small bowls containing leave, pine fruits and lights, etc.

3. The Kafe Dien Bien Phu and The Kafe Village Ha Hoi

most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (12)

The Kafe and The Kafe Village always have a distinctive décor, very “Western” and have always been two of the most attractive cafe shops for taking photo because they are very beautiful.

4. Starbucks

most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (10)


most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (11)

For Christmas this year, the Starbucks stores have lovely Christmas trees, laurel wreath hanging in front of a desk with full of teddy bears, ceramic cups and red packets of coffee, etc.

5. Puku Tong Duy Tan

most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (3)

It is a famous café for foreign clients in Hanoi.

6. L’Epicerie du Metropole – Ngo Quyen

most-decor-christmas-cafe-hanoi (6)

This year, the shop retains its traditional decoration with a wooden house in front, fake snow, fence and gifts on the roof.

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