Meticulous basket of shrimp and pork meat roll in Old Hanoi


Despite being tired of food in hot days, when you see the strange basket here, tourists will get back their eating inspiration.

This is an appetizer of a restaurant at Pham Ngoc Thach street. Although it is located in a lane, it is quite familiar to office staffs and families. It maybe reason why the owner usually creates attractive menus to serve crowded groups. Roll dishes here are prepared in a big course of 4-6 people. The big flat basket is meticulously prepared. Perhaps, it is hard to find elsewhere to enjoy this kind of roll dish.

com met

A basket of roll dish has about ten tastes. Especially, apart from shrimp, pork meat, raw vegetable, etc., the shop owner adds white sticky rice and red sticky rice (rice wine). The material seems not to relate to roll dishes. But it is eating style of elders in the past. The owner explains that the elders in the past were very poor, just had rice wine fried that make the roll dish have sweet taste. Now the shop upgrades recipe by using rice wine. The rice wine has sweetness of fermented rice without sugar and the scent of original ferment. The persuasive advertisement seems to make the roll dish more attractive. For those who like sweet will choose white sticky rice. But perhaps the red sticky rice is more suitable with roll dishes because of its characteristic aromatic sour taste.

com met 2


com met 3

Of course, the rice wine is just additional material. Shrimp, pork meat and fish sauce are still “the soul” of the dish. Shrimp must be freshwater crayfish, bright red, long fins but soft shell. The dipping sauce is not so special but acceptable. Various kinds of vegetables, besides common herbs, the shop also has very crunchy radishes. In general, the basket here easily makes dinners feel satisfied and strange. It is best choice for an appetizer of people group. Reasonable price just 180,000 VND/ a course of 8 people and smaller basket 150,000 VND/ a course of 4 people.

co moet 4


com met 5


com met 6


com met 7

Coming to the restaurant, you should order hot pot or beef meat on basket; they are hot dishes of the shop. However, on rush hours, you should order in advance to avoiding out of seat or waiting in a long time.

com met 8


com met 9


com met 10

Address: No. 8, lane 97, Pham Ngoc Thach street, Kim Lien ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi

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