RED VELVET CAKE- Favorite Sweet Cake in Hanoi 2014

Originally from North America, Red velvet cake with red velvet color captivates many devotees to cuisine around the world. Red velvet cake is often used on Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day because of its warm color for cold winter days.


Red velvet cake was originated in North America with red velvet color.

red-velvet-hanoi (1)

Red velvet cake

red-velvet-hanoi (2)

Red Velvet cupcake

red-velvet-hanoi (3)

The distinction of red velvet

red-velvet-hanoi (4)

Sweet special gift for Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day

red-velvet-hanoi (5)

Another variation of red velvet

In Hanoi, Red velvet cake with two main types of gato cake and cupcake. Price per gato Red velvet cake is about VND 40,000 while the red velvet cupcake is VND 25,000 / cake.

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