Hanoi- Strange Beauty on Occasion of Independence Day

In the morning of August 31, all streets in the city center and corners are suddenly absent compared to normal days. A lot of restaurants close and people have time to enjoy their vocation.

hanoi quoc khanh 1

Kim Ma street, the route on the east of the city center at 6:30 am

hanoi quoc khanh 2.2

Along the street, just quiet rows of trees and covered with quiet space

hanoi quoc khanh 3.1

Shops in Nguyen Thai Hoc street currently stop their business.

hanoi quoc khanh 4.1

Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, elderly people ride bicycle

hanoi quoc khanh 5.1

Streets in Old Quarter are also absent instead of busy business in normal days.

hanoi quoc khanh 6.1

Just markets in small lanes are crowded. Hanoi people are in the habit of going market in early morning to prepare for lunch. At Yen Thai street, every household hangs red flags along two sides of road.

hanoi quoc khanh 7.1

Somewhere appear several vendors in O Quan Chuong gate. Residents do exercise around.

hanoi quoc khanh 8.1

At 19/8 square at 7:30 am, some women come back from markets.

hanoi quoc khanh 9.1

Mr. Hoang Van Tan (80 years old), walks on foot from Hoang Hoa Tham street to Dong Xuan market (2.5 km), walk around the Old Quarter to enjoy rare peaceful atmosphere of Hanoi.

hanoi quoc khanh 10.1

Areas surrounding Hoan Kiem lake are decorated with banners made of flowers to celebrate 69 years of Vietnam’s National Day (September 2, 1945- September 2, 2014).

hanoi quoc khanh 11.1

Residents consider here a place for doing exercise in every morning and breathe fresh air.

hanoi quoc khanh 12.1

People leisurely ride bike on Dinh Tien Hoang street. The vocation of September 2 lasts four days from August 30 to September 2.

hanoi quoc khanh 13.1

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