300-year- old Pen Tower Gate in Dong Ngac Village

Dong Ngac village is located in North Tu Liem (Hanoi) and famous for the village of of renowned scolars. This is presented right in the gate with pen tower in the village.

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The ancient village is at the age of near 300 years old in Hanoi

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Dong Ngac village is famous for the village of of renowned scolars such as Do The Giai, Hoang Minh Giam, Phan Phu Tien, Phan Van Truong, Nguyen Van Trung, etc. The village’s gate and houses’ gates show studious spirit of Dong Ngac people through images of pens and books.

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There is a folk story about Dong Ngac village’s gates, it has another name Pile of Frogs because the sound of student when they read book like the noise of frogs.

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Variegated brick walls and pen tower gate also degrade over time with marketing numbers. This used to be an entrance of an ancient house, then sealed and abandoned.


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Dong Ngac village includes 12 residential groups, in which has group 3 with most beautiful ancient gates. This is a family church with the gate of pen tower. The front of the house has a book and a couple of pens.

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Inside is a modern house but its owner still keeps the ancient gate.

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This is a church of Nguyen family, used to be headquarter of Dong Kinh Nghia Thuac.

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Apart from the gate of pen tower, the church of Phan family still remains a 3-room ancient house.

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Urbanization has disappeared a lot of ancient house; however, residents here try to keep remaining ancient gates and paved roads with contribution from unmarried girls in the village

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Each gate is a story about a talented person. Tourists will be told about family traditions of locals here.

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The gate of Pham family with Confucian writing shows studious spirit.

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Recently, Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism proposed a plan for conservation of ancient village’s architecture as well as academic tradition in Dong Ngac village.

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