Addresses To Enjoy Dimsum in Hanoi

Enjoying dimsum in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

Dimsum is not popular food in Hanoi. Therefore, it is quite hard to find a shop selling this kind of food. But today, we introduce readers some trustful addresses for your nice taste.

1. Mayfair

Almost menu here is traditional Chinese food. They all are delicious with affordable price. The restaurant’s atmosphere is described as clean and bright, models busy streets in Hong Kong. Right in the building, there is a system of café and pubs for your choices.


Address: 20 Hang Tre street, Hanoi

2. Xing Hong Kong cafe

Lying in nice location, Xin Hong Kong café has airy luxurious space with shimmering lanterns and well-known movie posters of Hong Kong cinema. Apart from dimsum, the restaurant also serves dishes from crabs, chicken, beef, etc.

The restaurant is suitable for groups of customers. Hot-pot in Xing costs from VND 250,000 to 450,000.

xing hong kong cafe

Address: 12 Thi Sach street, Hanoi

3. Xinwang

This is a famous restaurant chain in Singapore and the Philippines with nearly 20 branches. In Vietnam, the first place that the restaurant chain chose is Shopping-Cuisine centre Royal City. The menu here is described as affordable price, about VND 39,000/ course.


Address: R2-8, B2 floor, Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai st., Hanoi

4. Famous Hotels

In big hotels, Chinese food in general and dimsum in particular are served and meticulously processed but the price is more expensive, about VND 400,000- 800,000/ person.

Hotels received good feedback on forums and social networks such as Nikko, Sheraton, Hanoi, Fortuna or Ming Restaurant (Sofitel hotel). Here, most dimsum buffet is served at lunch only.

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant with Quang Dong cuisine in JW Marriott hotel is also a good suggestion. In addition, the hotel serves famous Peking duck, bird’s nest soup, crab eggs, etc. The price is about VND 400,000-600,000.

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