Hanoi’s lotus tea

Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam, can be found in many parts of Vietnam, you can find lotus in many parts of the country but in Hanoi’s West Lake are the best varieties with a more lingering scent, purity, and good fortune. Vietnam lotus tea is a type of green tea and Hanoi traditional food that has been already flavored with the scent of lotus.

Lotus tea - the peak of Vietnamese tea

Lotus tea – the peak of Vietnamese tea

The perfect blend between the soft aroma of lotus and the freshness of Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen Tea makes a special delicate tea that people can not forget when they taste it, special from West Lake – Ho Tay. Lotus tea seems to have gone beyond this historical land and became the pride of the Vietnamese.

The history of Vietnam Lotus tea

As early as 13th century,  Vietnamese consumed green tea as a daily drink. However, Lotus tea was originally created for King Tu Duc during the 19th century Nguyen Dynasty. In Asian ancient concept, tea represents many philosophical values and it was a source of spiritual purity. They also believe that tea binds people together and express hospitality.

You can see Vietnamese drink tea everywhere such as friends and family gatherings, guest visits.  in Vietnam, the people also love to have a tea set in the small real tiny cup. Thet always pour tea to invite people into their house whenever they make new friends. The Vietnamese call it “Tra tam giao” meaning with tea, we can speak from the heart.

Lotus tea is used for special occasion or celebration to express the host' hospitality.

Lotus tea is used for special occasion or celebration to express the host’ hospitality.

In the time of the monarchy, only a limited amount of lotus tea was produced for serving to high- class nobles or Royal hence. Therefore, it used to be considered as a luxury and opulent product. Later on, lotus tea is the essential beverage which is used for special occasion, rituals or celebration to express the host’s hospitality.

The benefit of lotus tea

In fact, the lotus is not only great flavor but also good for health. Lotus tea has sedative effects, utilizers may sleep easily and deeply and prevent insomnia. Lotus tea has also a consideration as a herb daily drink because using it every day will dispel feelings of fatigue, help refresh the spirit and alert.

Lotus tea has sedative effects.

Lotus tea has sedative effects.

Like the benefits of other green tea, Tay Ho lotus tea helps reduce cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, especially it is a good drink for the elderly. Moreover, drinking daily Tay Ho lotus tea helps reduce the risk of diabetes because, limit the risk of liver disease and good for oral health, allergy control.

How to make lotus tea?

The making procedure of Ho Tay Lotus tea is still very complicated and fussy work. Lotus tea is made of a high-grade green tea base from the highland of Vietnam.

Early morning before the sunrise, the tea makers have to row out in the West Lake to pick up Lotus blossom. This process has to be done quickly in as to get the finest freshness and lusciousness of lotus scent. Then they will peel back very carefully and gently each fragile petal of the blossom and fill it green tea inside.

Lotus flowers are picked up in early morning in West Lake

Lotus flowers are picked up in early morning in West Lake

The flower was closed up, and petals bound with silk trying to keeping the tea dry and safe. After that, tea leaves will be absorbed the luscious scent of the lotus. However, this scenting step requires to be repeated again and again 7 -8 times to make the tea fully embalmed with the fragrance of Lotus. It means 1,4 – 1,6kg of Lotus anthers or at least 1400 Lotus blossoms to scent just one kilo of tea.

Nguyen Thi Dan has made lotus tea in Hanoi’s West Lake for 70 years, “each lotus tea makers have their own secrets and process. My tea is completely handmade and we don’t use any additional ingredients. We have regular customers who have been using our tea for years,” she said.

According to Mrs. Dan, the tea is best made in Yixing teapots and 90-95 degrees just – boiled water. ” In the past, they even banned women on their period from touching the flowers, thinking that it would affect the scent” she said. ” The flowers used to make teas are very clean and safe”.

Mrs Dan who have experience in making lotus tea for 70 years ( in the middle)

Mrs Dan who have experience in making lotus tea for 70 years ( in the middle)

However, the number of lotus flowers in West Lake are dwindling. Some people have to plant the West Lake lotus in neighboring lakes.

otus tea drinking is an integral part of sophisticated locals of Hanoi culinary traditions. For generations of generations, Hanoians love to enjoy a cup of lotus green tea with their soulmates and admired the blooming flowers. Let’s enjoy the beauty of this delicate drink.

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