Romantic White Reed Flowers in Hanoi

In the late autumn, white reed flowers in middle plain of Red river contribute peaceful and poetic spaces for Hanoi capital.


It is just about 2 kilometers from Hanoi city center; the middle plain of Red river likes a green fresh oasis and has long been an attractive destination for those who want to discover Hanoi in other way.


The middle plain is a familiar name for a fertile alluvial soil in the middle of Red river, under Chuong Duong bridge, Phuc Tan ward, Hoan Kiem lake stretching to Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district.


The middle plain under Long Bien bridge has long been a favorite destination for the youth and photographers.

Romantic White Reed Flowers in Hanoi (1)

Romantic White Reed Flowers in Hanoi (2)

A beloved place for young girls in Hanoi for selfie


Reed flowers are described in white color when they begin to blossom, then turn into black yellow.


The most beautiful reed ground is located near the rocky ground Nhat Tan, Tay Ho district. This place attracts a lot of tourists for visiting and taking photos. Especially, the youth and in-love couples want to find a nice scene for their wedding albums.


Romantic and pristine white reed flowers on sand grounds.


From Long Bien bridge, you can see small boats on the silent water surface together with bright reed flowers under the sunlight.


In peaceful yellow afternoon, flocks of buffalo are grazing in the vast white reed flower ground.


A couple of boat


On last days of autumn, going over the Long Bien bridge, you must be amazed at the beauty of the sand dunes between the Red river where white reed flowers cover alluvial grounds.

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