The symbol of courageous capital – Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi

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Long Bien bridge

Long Bien bridge

The History of Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge was opened in 1903, constructed from1899 to1902, , which was known as “the bridge connects two centuries”.

Its original name is “Paul – Doumer Bridge”, which was named after Paul Doumer – The Governor-General of French Indochina and the French president.
The bridge was of strategic importance in securing control of northern Vietnam. It was the only bridge across the Red River connecting Hanoi to the main port of Haiphong at that time. It has the critical placement, therefore, this bridge was severely bombarded during the Vietnam War. Despite lots of restoration and preservation, only half of the bridge retains its original shape until now.

Long Bien Bridge in the past

Long Bien Bridge in the past

The Unique Architecture of Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

Designed by the architects Daydé & Pillé, Long Bien Bridge was one of the longest bridges in Asia at that time.

The construction design resembles the design of the Tolbiac Bridge in District 13, Paris on the Paris – Orleans railway.30.000 cubic meters of stone and metal were used with the amount of money was up to 6.200.000 French francs.

The bridge is 2290 meters across the river and 896 meters in bridges, including 19 steel beams spanning over 20 meters tall and including a stone path.

The bridge for the railroads runs in the middle. Both sides are roads for motor vehicles and walkways.

Nowadays, this bridge is still alive and used for trains, mopeds, and pedestrians crossing the romantic Red River.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

What to do in Long Bien Bridge Vietnam

Catch a panoramic view of Hanoi from Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien is the bridge associated with the precious memories, where Hanoians choose to soothe the soul on a windy day or to leave all the pressure and worries behind and heading out of the increasingly exhaust-heavy air of the city.
Enjoy the local dishes around Long Bien Bridge

Afterward, tourists can walk along the banks of the river, pass by some fish restaurants located near the river and try mouthwatering local dishes of this area. Sitting in a nearby restaurant, you can observe the magnificent scenery of the ancient bridge. Besides, you should catch the opportunities to enjoy a private time in a well-decorated cafe, sip the bold taste of a cup of hot coffee, and chat with your friends or members.

Along two sides of the Long Bien bridge, the vendors sell fried corn and sweet potatoes, which appeals to lots of the young, especially in the winter.

Street food

Street food

Crossing Across Long Bien Bridge at Sunset

It’s a wonderful time to hear the whisper of the winds, feel the cool fresh air of the sunset and observe the daily lifestyle of locals. You also catch sights of locals floating in their boat to go fishing along Red River. If lucky, you can buy some fresh fish caught from locals at a reasonable price and high quality. How amazing, right?

Sunset in Long Bien Bridge

Sunset in Long Bien Bridge

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