Vietnam lotus Root Salad

Vietnamese lotus root salad  is a traditional dish in Vietnam.  It is could be found at either daily meals or banquets so there is no doubt about its popularity. Vietnamese lotus root salad tastes so delicious but quite easy and simple to cook, however how to make a perfect dish still requires many skills.


Lotus root salad is very well known salad that can boost the appetizer and included in daily menu of many housewives. Only with simple and easy-purchased ingredients as prawns, meat, lotus root and herbs which can be flexible added or cut off, the dish would satisfies both vegetarians and meat eaters.


200g fresh prawns

200g squid

300g lotus root

2 pcs carrot

2pcs cucumber

2 tbsp fish sauce

10g Vietnamese coriander

2pcs lime

2 tsp chili

2 tsp garlic

2 tsp sugar

How to make the lotus root salad:

Step 1: Slice the lotus roots into appropriately-sized pieces and chop them vertically into halves. . Dip into water mixed with lime and a little sugar for about 30 minutes. Slice the carrots and cucumbers.


Step 2: Clean the prawns, peel off the shells and heads leaving the tail for decoration. Boil the prawns and cuttlefish in water mixed with some salt and ginger.


Step 3: Mix fish sauce with water, minced garlic, chili, sugar and lime to make the dipping sauce


Step 4:  Scoop out the lotus roots, mix with cucumbers, carrots and dipping sauce. Leave for approximately 20 minutes so the ingredients are well absorbed.  At this point add the prawns, cuttlefish, and minced Vietnamese coriander in and mix well.


Remember to dip into the sauce when enjoying your freshly made Lotus root salad.

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