The local foods in Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc must to try

Tam Dao means three highest mountains ( or three highest islands) named as Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia  emerging above the clouds at the hight of 1300 meters compared with the sea level. Tam Dao is famous for its scenic attractions worth for your exploration such as Silver waterfall , Xa Huong Lake, Tam Dao National Park, Television Station tower, French Cathedral, Rung Rinh Peak…

Coming to Tam Dao, you should try the local food here. Here are some dishes we advise for you:

1. Chayote tops – the famous specialty of Tam Dao.

Chayote is such a common food that you can find anywhere in Vietnam but nowhere else you can find it so special like the one in Tam Dao. The weather, the soil, the water, non-fertilizer method and everything else that make it so unique. Chayote can be cooked into many dishes like boiled chayote fruit, fried chayote stirs with beef or garlic, and boiled chayote tops and eaten with sesame or fish sauce.

You can find chayote in mountainsides, houses front or even on both sides of the road. Otherwise, Chayote is available on every restaurant’s menu or you can buy it right in the garden, it is very cheap.

2. Hill chicken

Hill chicken is chicken which doesn’t be fed but has to find food for themselves. They are not kept in cages but are freed for feeding that’s why their meat becomes thick, tough and sweeter than the chicken that you’ve known.

3. Tam Dao pork

A special kind of pigs that was crossed by normal pigs and wild pigs. They are not too big, just small and their meat is less fat, flavorful and soft. It can be used for many different dishes.

4. Red beef which was bitten by ants

The name sounds weird but it describes how this dish was cooked: Hot meats from a just slaughtered calf was hanged in the tree near ant’s nest and left for the ants bite the meat. The meats after being washed will be grilled on coal into red beef.

The special of this dish is that each kind of ants will offer a different flavor and taste. This dish is served is very fussy with the green bananas, herbs and s special sauce.

5. Goby in Tam Dao stream

Locals built agriculture dams to ranch wild sand gobies in the forest. There are not so many places that you can find them so this dish is what you shouldn’t miss. Sand gobies sizes of a finger, thick and flavorful.

6. Cakes from San Diu’s cuisine

San Diu is an ethnic group that mostly live in mountainous of Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc. Their cuisine is very special because of natural materials and ingredients from Tam Dao. Chung cakes, Troi cakes, Dam cakes and Tro cakes are some interesting dishes.

You will find these dishes in local markets and night market.

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