Visit the capital of Buddha’s hand fruit, less than 20km from Hanoi

Drive along Thang Long Boulevard around 15 kilometers then follow the zigzag road you will reach Dac So commune, a small village in the outskirts of Hanoi that is the main source of Buddha hands fruit for the entire city every Tet.

Gardens of Buddha's hands run to the horizon

Gardens of Buddha’s hands run to the horizon

Visiting the village on near Tet days, you will witness the busiest period of them in the year. Gardens of Buddha’s hands run to the horizon, inside, under the dark green foliage, there are countless of large and yellow Buddha’s hands aromatic scent. You have to see the gardens with your naked eyes to realize that those who grows them are not only farmers but fruit craftsman t

A Buddha's hand fruit as pretty as a flower

A Buddha’s hand fruit as pretty as a flower

o grow such pretty fruits.


For many years, Buddha’s hands fruit have become a must-have of its kind and a highlight of the 5-kind-of-fruit tray decorated on the altar of Vietnamese people. It could be said that no other fruit can be more suitable for Tet decoration than Buddha’s hand with its eye-catching shape, pleasant scent and long-standing fresh.

Every year at Tet holiday, this small village does not only meets the demand of the domestic market but it also exports pretty fruits to the international markets. In Dac So village, Buddha’s hands is their livelihood and Buddha’s hand is not an easy-cultivated plant so all year long the farmers have to spend all their time taking care of them and harvest fruits. However, luckily, the trees produce fruits all over the year and making big money for ones who take care of them.

Gardens cost billions of VND is a livelihood for Dac So farmers

Gardens cost billions of VND is a livelihood for Dac So farmers

In the mind of Dac So inhabitants, Buddha’s hands is the plant that deserve their attention more than any other of its kind. There is a common joke that people here love to say which is granting Buddha’s hand is an art and farmers are artists. It is not a coincidence that Dac So become the land of Buddha’s hand, things are there for reasons.

Eye-catching fruit ready for the harvest

Eye-catching fruit ready for the harvest


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