Son Tay Ancient Citadel- The Only Laterite Citadel In Vietnam

Hanoi capital has a lot of oldest relics of Vietnam, aside from Thang Long citadel and Co Loa citadel, there is a Son Tay ancient citadel with unique and ancient architecture.

About 45 km from Hanoi city center, Son Tay ancient citadel is located in Thuan Nghe village and Mai Trai village, Son Tay town. With the unique architecture and was built of laterite second-to-none of Vietnam. Son Tay ancient citadel was built by Minh Mang king and one of the important military bases to protect the Thang Long citadel.


Son Tay ancient citadel now

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (1)

Flag pillar on April 1884

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (2)

Flag tower and incense burner today

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (8)

Two remaining cannons

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (14)

Majestic flag tower under sun and wind

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (16)

Brilliant ancient citadel in fireworks

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (17)

Kinh Thien palace

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (18)

A romantic beauty

Son-Tay-Ancient-Citadel (20)

A peaceful lane

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