Visiting Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi

Vietnamese Women’s Museum is a place to preserve, exhibit, and recreate symbolic images of Vietnamese women from past to now.

The museum has four floors with thousands of documents and exhibits. It took about 10 years to find and collect such these exhibits from all parts of the country: from images to costumes, all carries features of Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum under green tree branches is located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hanoi.

The first impression when tourists enter on marble floor of the museum is a statue called “Mother of Vietnam” right in the entrance lobby that was designed by artist Nguyen Phu Cuong.

bao tang phu nu vietnam2

The statue “Mother of Vietnam” is a symbol of Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

“Mother of Vietnam” depicts an image of a woman carrying her son on the shoulder. The right hand seems like pushing difficulties and troubles down at her feet in order to shield and protect the child.

Looking upwards, we could see a dome-shaped roof with unique design to take advantage of maximum sunlight and ensure light for the whole first floor but not too hot in the summer.

mai vom bao tang phu nu vietnam

Unique dome-shaped roof of the museum

The second floor shows exhibits associated with the life of Vietnamese women such as: working tools, jewelry, etc. Some exhibits dated from Dong Son bronze period.

vietnam women museum

Traditional exhibits as kitchen tools, agricultural tools, etc.

To collect such these exhibits, the museum spent near 10 years.

bo trang suc

A set of silver jewelry is exquisitely carved.

Together with exhibits of peaceful life of women are exhibits of wars. Pictures depict detained and interrogated scenes which express the tenacity and indomitability of Vietnamese women.

hien vat chien tranh

Exhibits from war periods

The highlight of the third floor is records, artifacts of the Vietnam Women’s Union during its 81 years of operation. This floor attracts a lot of foreign tourists for many artifacts which are the gifts of women around the world sent and supported its operation.

These colorful posters hung everywhere on walls have expressed great international solidarity and strength of women all over the world.


A corner of the third floor

bao tang phu nu vietnam

Traditional costume of ethnic women


 “Ao Dai”- Vietnam traditional costume through different periods

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