Vietnam Puppetry Theatre

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The Vietnam Puppetry Theatre was established in 1956 and rebuilt in 2004 at 361 Truong Chinh street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

The Vietnam Puppetry Theatre is a center of the biggest puppetry arts in Vietnam and play an important role in preserving traditional puppetry arts that is one of invaluable property of Vietnamese folk arts and culture imbued with national identity. The Vietnam Puppetry theatre is not only a familiar place to Hanoi people but also to foreign tourists.

Theatre has a performing theater system with modern audio equipment and professional lighting that may perform in 3 stages or 2 stages and a water puppet house at the same time.

Coming to Vietnam Puppetry Theatre , guests not only enjoy the art of puppetry , but also to visit and learn more about puppetry arts in the museum of  Vietnam Puppetry Theatre.

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Performing equipment are modernly equipped from sound, light to the surrounding areas , serving staff are attentive, professional , enthusiastic to meet all your requirements .

For children of all holidays , such as International Children’s Day on June 1 , Mid-Autumn, Christmas , Lunar New Year, Theatre has special programs ( shallow puppet ) of rich and attractive content and modern styles, plenty of genres of puppetry such as: rod puppet, wire puppet, mask puppet, hand puppet, water puppet, etc. all are enjoyable and deeply educational.

Vietnam Puppetry Theatre hopes to promote “the special dish” – the quintessence of traditional Vietnamese culture to both national and international audiences.

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