World Toilet Coffee in Hanoi


Located in a crowded office area in Cau Giay district, Hanoi, World Toilet Coffee has strange and unique design with all appliances attached to devices in toilets.

Entering the restaurant, your first impression will be colorful funny decoration in small spaces but quite bright with colors as red, orange, yellow, etc. And of course all furniture here is related to “toilet” that is highlighted in its name. If you want to chat in an airy space, second floor is the best choice.

Speaking of inspiration for a unique coffee shop like this for young people, she has shared she gets this ideal from a Taiwan when she studied here. Initially, she was about to use real tubs or real toilets, however, she varied to suit all customer subjects while still maintain the criterion “second to none”.


Interesting decoration with bright colors

Main dishes in World Toilet include pizza, pasta, fried potato, etc. and “hot” beverage as Mojito, ice-blended. Rich menu with affordable price are suitable for students. All dishes are served with mini tools. You can order a part of pizza or a “toilet” spaghetti and creamy coffee placed in “toilet”. That is an interesting experience without any distaste feeling.

Most young people coming here feel restful and comfortable with the funny decoration, right from table, chair, grass, cup, tree pots, décor on wall, etc. It feels like being in a public toilet. In addition, waiters are very cute and thoughtful- another plus point of World Toilet Coffee. However, there is one interesting thing is that you should focus enjoying delicious food and do not let your mind run wild”.


All food is served in toilet mini models.

Both look eye-catching and bring strange new feeling

Address: 26B Tran Thai Tong, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

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