Ancient house at 87 Ma May

The Beauty Of Ancient House In Old Quarter  (7)

Ancient house at 87 Ma May is located in the north of Hoan Kiem Lake. Ma May Street formerly had two parts of street: the beginning of street is called Ma May street specializing for selling rattan goods, the remained street called Hang Ma street or another name “Black Pawn” under French colonial.

The Beauty Of Ancient House In Old Quarter  (2)

The house was built around the late nineteenth century with the traditional architectural style: the middle classes in the courts to take wind and light, first floor (the part adjacent to street) for sale, and to inside first floor for production, and the last part for kitchen and toilets. The second floor, front room for ancestor worship and guest rooms and inside room for residence. The house also retains the old architectural details of Hanoi.

The house was restored and preserved in 1999 and completed in October 1999. The house is the place to introduce Hanoi’s ancient architecture and suggest residents in The Old Quarter ways to conserve and restore old houses.

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