Hanoi: 5 Coffee and Fast Food Shops As Beautiful As Ones In Western Part 1

There are more and more well-designed shops that make both teen and office staffs in Hanoi fascinated.

1. Toast ‘n Tea Café & Food

With two main tones of black and white, Toast’n Tea impresses with simple architectural style but modern. As a coffee shop combining with fast-food, Toast’n Tea is one of hot places of Hanoi. Special space of the shop with a lot of windows and full filled with natural light.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (4)

Located at 15 Hoang Cau, Toast’n Tea is described as Korean style.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (3)

Parts of the wall are carefully painted.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (5)

Green trees on the tables

2. The KAfe

The KAfe is quite popular among young people because it is an interesting destination for those who prefer youthful style. The KAfe campus has a small corridor and totally situated on the second floor of an old beautiful French villa.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (1)

Located at number18 Dien Bien Phu, the white color makes The KAfe clean and elegant.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (2)

The bar’s space is very warm and bright.

3. Boo Cafe

Located on the windy 2nd floor of a fashion shop for young people in right downtown area of Hanoi, Boo Cafe is pretty destination thanks to impressive décor with wooden walls and ceilings. Boo Cafe is also very ingenious in arrangement of separate spaces for customers.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (6)

Decorations are very carefully selected in vintage style.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (7)

Although the area is not large because it is located in the 2nd floor of BOOCiti (308 Ba Trieu), its owner really knows how to organize separate areas for customers.

Coffee- Fast-Food-Shops (8)

Simple wooden tables and chairs bring highly enjoyable feeling.

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