Bánh Mì: Vietnamese sandwiches

Out of hundreds delicious local dishes, Bánh Mì (or Banh Mi) stands out as the most well-known to both local and international people. There is no doubt about this because Banh Mi is the only dish that is popular at all parts of Vietnam.

Banh Mi, known as Vietnamese sandwiches

Banh Mi, known as Vietnamese sandwiches

Being known as “Vietnamese sandwich” by foreigners, Banh Mi does look like a cousin of the sandwich to some extend but it is definitely something much better making it the favorite meals of Vietnamese and lots of foreigners.

Unlike sandwiches, Banh Mi is never prepared in advance, all ingredients are available but sellers only prepare Banh Mi when someone orders. The topping of Banh Mi varies in different parts of Vietnam depending on local appetite, it could be fried egg and pork pates in the North of Vietnam, or grilled pork, chicken, or beef in the middle at the famous Hoi An old quarter.

Banh Mi and pate, the best couple

Banh Mi and pate, the best couple

You may concern why Banh Mi could be seen at every corner in the country of Vietnam, and if so, you’ll find the answer when you see how people make and enjoy it. The basic Banh Mi just needs 3 minutes cooking, pull out a random bread in your fridge, toast it, in the meantime, fry an egg, slice some cucumber, carrot and pick up some coriander, and in 3 mins, here your meal, now put some chili or mayonnaise sauce on the bread filled up with the ingredients and enjoy. This is really something everyone can make at home, fast food but still fresh and nutritious.

Best choice for a quick meal

Best choice for a quick meal

In case you’re gifted with cooking talents, try more local recipes to make pork pate, grilled chicken, beef, or pork. And if you’re not or just too lazy for this stuff, stop by a random Banh Mi vendor on a street, the seller will give you a fresh Banh Mi and you have a wide range of topping options. The people here in Vietnam are very smart and sensitive in business, they are now offering not only local taste toppings, but you can also even find Banh Mi with bacon, sausage, and butter, though they are not true Banh Mi Vietnam, they still taste fantastic, this dish could be said that go well with every kind of topping. Thus, the dish becomes more and more popular in the life of the Vietnamese people.

Banh Mi with fried egg, the basic Banh Mi

Banh Mi with a fried egg, the basic Banh Mi

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