Bat Trang Ceramic Village

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Bat Trang Ceramic Village, Gia Lam  commune (on the outskirts of Hanoi) is located on the left of Red River, 10 km from Southeast Hanoi center.

Bat Trang Ceramic village is a long-time and famous ceramic village in Vietnam. Nowadays, it is still working and develop more and more.

According to legend, ceramic craft appeared in Bat Trang under Ly dynasty by a group of merchants from Ninh Binh province.

At present, plenty of pagodas still remain candle holders and incense burners with carved dragons, blue cloud and flowers, all were written clearly address, time of production in Bat Trang village about 15th century ( Boi Khe pagoda, Ha Tay for example).

bat trang

Moreover, foreign document added more information of Bat Trang between 15th and 17th century (Pujio Koiama- Asia Ceramic). It is estimated that Bat Trang village has existed on outskirts of Thang Long as a craft village for 500 years now.

Bat Trang Ceramic has been long sold all parts of country and abroad. Valuable and unique ceramics in Bat Trang is listed such as: pearl ceramic under Ly- Tran dynasty, brown flower ceramic under Tran-Ho dynasty, blue and white ceramic under Le- Nguyen dynasty.

In the last centuries, Bat Trang ceramic were luxury and rare goods that mostly served for worship as: candle holders, incense burner, vase. But after that, due to market requirement, Bat Trang ceramic has developed home appliances as bowls, plates, vases, jars.

Looking at productions of Bat Trang ceramic, tourists will feel surprise and admire talented hands of the artisans in the pottery village who dictate land and fire to create celadon for life.

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