Van Phuc Silk Village

Lua Vn Phuc 1

Silk has long been one of traditional crafts of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese silk also has long been a famous good because of its high quality, colorful silk, various kinds and win both nation and international silk market.

Speaking to silk, people think about Ha Dong silk with smooth and colorful material that attracts large number of tourists every year.

Van Phuc Silk Village was well-known from Ly Dynasty. At present, Van Phuc village is proud of two grandmasters named Nguyen Van Mao and Le Van Bang who produced models of rare and precious silk 100% silkworm silk.

lua van phuc

Currently, there are only 2 ancient weaving looms in Van Phuc village. The rare loom has been displayed at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology . Discerning customers or foreign customers often prefer silk yarn crafted products, silk inside cocoon with pale yellow. Guests also want to see in eyes skillful craftsmen create a soft, luxurious, valuable silk that imbued deep humanity  of Vietnamese people. No restoration of antique silk means making the patterned silk craft Van Phuc village to be gradually forgotten. Grandmaster Mao said : “losing the old silk samples is to make a mistake with our silk forefathers , would be irresponsible to future generations .”

Van Phuc- Ha Tay traditional silk village is developing strongly and aims to become a cultural bridge connecting people all over the world.

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