Cuu village is an ancient village of Hanoi capital city, belonging to Van Tu commune, Phu Xuyen district, and far 40 kilometers from the city center. Entering through gate, an antique and wistful space appears, taking tourists to a new quite peaceful land, which is totally different with bustling noisy and crowded urban streets.


The special book-shaped architecture of the entrance gate

The village entrance gate has been discolored along the time but the book -shaped architecture has been intact, looking like a giant book.

Being the oldest architecture of Cuu village, the entrance gate shows the influence of wealthy and prosperous village by the watching towers, sword -headed tile roofs and uniquely carved a pair of stone dog statues.


 Chinese couplets has been remained at the house gate

Passing through ups and downs of time, Cuu village still has nostalgic and taciturn values of the middle years of the 20th century. Cuu village is a symbol of prosperity, which is well known with the name of ‘’ the best tailoring village of Hanoi”, and a combination of Western and Vietnamese culture during that time.


The popular Western architecture in Cuu village in the middle years of the 20th century


Time mark is bolded on each house in Cuu village

Visiting Cuu village, the tourists will feel close and familiar with simple lifestyle of local people and specific Vietnamese architectural style, besides that Cuu village is considered as “Western village of Hanoi”, which shall give you strange feelings by high flaunting, sophisticated and glamorous decorative European features, unlike other traditional villages such as Duong Lam, Uoc Le, Cu Da. That combination created the special trait of the village and made many tourist amazed to discover every corner and alley.


A quite intact house, being outstanding with blue door

 Looking at French style houses from a far distance, visitors will see some familiar parallel sentences, couplets on the decorated board at the gate or carved traditional lotus motif. Entering into the houses, tourists will see ironwood main pillars with carved floral features or decorative items which has combination of ancient, modern and luxurious and noble traits.


A mossy green old house

(Nguyen An)

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