[Hanoi Travel] Cuu Village- A Place to Find Peace on Weekends

No noise and bustle of the modern life, the Cuu Village is where the wheel of time stop.

Situated about 2 km from National Highway 1, Cuu village in Van Tu commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi still keeps traditional beauties of old Vietnamese villages such as: banyan trees, well, communal house, etc.


Houses here were built before 1945 with mixed architecture of France and Vietnam.


However, there are a lot of houses designed in the architectural style of old Vietnamese villages.


Visiting Cuu village, tourists seem to come back the past with discolored wooden doors along the time…


…straw dune and bamboo groups…


Or old bicycle next to the mossy wall.


Moreover, you are able to ramble on brick lanes.


Visiting Cuu village on weekends, you will surely find peace for your soul.

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