Dinh Cong Jewelry Craft Village

lang nghe kim hoan1

Location: near To Lich river, Thanh Tri district, Ha Noi city

The name of the village tells about a famous gold and silver carving craft here. The story of gold and silver carving ancestors relating to three cousins ​​Tran family (571-603) has long been on the minds and hearts of everyone in the village and reminds later generations of the original cradle of gold and silver carving craft.

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Smoothing step

In fact, the three aforementioned Tran cousins were not really jewelry craft ancestors; they were the enlightenment that had contributed important technical improvements. About 5 centuries earlier, ancient Chinese history has been praised Chau Giao (the name of Vietnam at thattime) as a country with many treasures of gold and silver and the mining of precious metals were relatively well developed.

lang nghe kim hoan3

Delicate product from silver

The intricate gold and silver products require workers master three important stages: carving, smelting, and smoothing. Carving means sculpting shapes, patterns, textures on the surface of the jewelry, gold or silver items.

Smelting means to pull smelted gold into gold threads, silver threads and then form it into shapes of flowers, birds attached to the jewelry. This stage requires skillful hands, so female workers usually do this stage.

Smoothing means to make gold and silver items carved smooth and glossy. A skilled jeweler does not only have to master all three stages but also must first master tricks of traditional metallurgy.

The final stage is polishing. Silverware is rubbed with sand and then spread onto a solution of potash and lime, then heated on the fire.

Through motifs, patterns on the products, we see clearly perseverance, ingenuity intelligence, and creativity of the Vietnam jewelers.

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