Ancient Beauties of Pagodas Nearby West Lake

There are more than 20 temples and pagodas surround the West Lake with values of culture and architecture such as Tran Quoc pagoda, Kim Lien pagoda, Pho Linh, Tao Sach, Van Nien, etc.

Tran Quoc pagoda

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Tran Quoc is one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam. It is situated near West Lake and in the end of Thanh Nien road. The pagoda used to be a Buddha center of Thang Long citadel under Ly and Tran dynasty, nowadays, Tran Quoc pagoda is not only a place to pray for peace of Buddhists but also an attraction for tourists.

Kim Lien pagoda

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Kim Lien pagoda is situated on a flat land in Nghi Tam village, Quang An commune. Three- gate entrance of the pagoda has special architectural style with 2 floors and 8 roofs, look like lotus flower on West Lake. The pagoda is considered one of the most typical ancient architectural relics in Vietnam.

Hoang An Pagoda

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Located on Quang An commune, Tay Ho district, Hanoi, this is one of few ancient pagodas in Hanoi with the age of thousand. Over ups and downs of history, the pagoda still keeps beautiful architecture and high bell tower.

Pho Linh pagoda

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As an ancient pagoda in Hanoi, Pho Linh pagoda was built in 1079 with beautiful architecture and quiet surrounding that is different from Tay Ho pagoda nearby.

Tao Sach pagoda

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Tao Sach pagoda has direct view to the West Lake; hence it is very poetic.

Van Nien pagoda

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Not far from Tao Sach pagoda, the pagoda in the West lakeside has two gates, the main gate on Lac Long Quan street and the other on the West Lakeside street.

Tu Lien pagoda

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Tu Lien pagoda is also called Tu Tong pagoda and has been restored many times with stone material. The pagoda’s main gate is on Au Co street, behind is a high bell town on the direction of Tu Lien lake.

Trich Sai pagoda (Thien Nien pagoda)

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Thien Nien pagoda is situated next to West lake, in Trich Sai village, Buoi ward. The pagoda attracts a lot of tourists because of nice position.

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