Discovering Natural Forest Bang Ta in Hanoi

Hanoi capital imprints tourists with valuable historical sites, cultural heritages, legendary Old Quarter together with famous architectural works. Apart from ancient architectural works, Hanoi is favored with beautiful landscapes. And tourism area of natural forest Bang Ta is estimated as one of beautiful landscapes in Hanoi and has attracted a lot of tourists in recent years.

rung bang ta 1

An airy space and interesting restful place

The tourism area of natural forest Bang Ta is located in a low hill, Ba Vi district, Ha Tay, about 65 km form Hanoi center, 14 km from Ao Vua tourism area and 3.8 km from Hai stream lake. The tourism area has a large area of 26.5 hectares, in which 17 hectares of primary forest which brings you an airy space and interesting restful place.

With abundant flora and fauna, carpeted with flowers and trees, endless grasslands, etc. all dresses a beautiful coat for Bang Ta. Walking in the tourism area and contemplating swaying trees, enjoying cool breezes and watching swans swimming in the stream, etc. Therefore, Bang Ta is considered one of the most relaxing places in Hanoi for holiday trips, weekends, etc.

rung bang ta 2

Lotus pond in Bang Ta natural forest

With the number of rich flora and fauna, Bang Ta has become a conservation and restoration of ecology, nature study, and wildlife. It is an ideal place for students to study in fieldwork. In particular, Bang Ta fauna with species diversity, there are a variety of birds, crane, snake, dove, woodpeckers, butterflies, etc. In the primary forest have more than 200 monkeys, some animals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar, tigers, leopards, bears, etc. for tourist purpose and exploring lives of wild animals.

The north of the forest is Long pond, a lake with large area is restored into lotus ponds which create attractive natural sites. Long pond is hometown of many species, reptiles such as hoes, geckos, lizards, snakes lizards, etc. Long pond is not suitable for adults but very suitable for children.

Moreover, Bang Ta gives tourists more chances to visit a population of Muong ethnic group with a lot of stilt houses and cultural activities such as: camp fire, drinking wine, dancing with ethnical music tools and enjoying specialties of Ba Vi mountain, etc.

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