Hanoi Travel- West Lake Water Park

Address: Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi city

Inaugurated on May 19, 2000, at West Lake Water Park is a most attractive destination not only in Hanoi but also in Vietnam’s northern region. With major investments in the area of ​​35,560 square meters, the park is equipped with modern facilities in Southeast Asia at that time.


Slope slide in West Lake Water Park


Slope slide is probably the most exciting game in the park, including single rapid slope slides, black slopes for two people and carpet slopes with a height of 14.5 meters will bring extremely interesting experiences.


Carpet slopes with a height of 14.5 meters

Now it is not necessary to find big waves in the sea, West Lake park owns a swimming pool of 3 meter deep, creating waves of 1.2 meter high. For those who want to have restful moments can be located on the float buoy and let the artificial water of 450 meter long take you around the park, sunbathe and sightsee West Lake outside.


Low colorful ski slopes for children

Children are made priority for a special region which is designed with funny cartoon characters and low colorful ski slopes. Nearby is a wide range of foods and beverages as well as plenty of eye-catching fountains and statues for photography.

On the right of the park is Moon park with lots of games for children and youth from shuddering games as speed boats, Alpen Blitz, falling from above to children games as driving horse carts, ball houses, or driving electric car. Here, you can also watch sites around with a 60-meter high wheel, giving you an overall view of the West Lake and a part of Hanoi.



Near Water park is a new Sun park with a giant wheel and roller- coaster. Outside two parks is famous restaurant Lotus West Lake specializing on traditional Vietnamese dishes, especially hotpot dishes.

Open time: The Water Park closes in winter, Moon Park works all year round. Open from 8 am to 7 pm.

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