Ta Hien: Non-sleeping street in the heart of Hanoi

Tạ Hiện is a ancient street located in Hanoi’s Old quarter. The 266m-long street with the harmonious architecture makes itself a pearl of Hanoi by its valuable architecture and traditions. The street has attracted numerous visitors every night and become one of the most busy street in Hanoi which is the place for hanging out and got the nick name “non-sleeping street”.

Foreign visitors and local youngsters flock here every day to have junk food, beer and lots of fun, maybe it also explain why this street is called a beer street. There seems to be no culture boundary here, local people and foreign visitors could share the harmony atmosphere and cheer together. This made Ta Hien on of the top must visit point in Hanoi without having to be a beautiful destination. Thus, Ta Hien is more and more popular, espcially in expat community.

Ta Hien-non-sleeping street

Ta Hien-non-sleeping street

Cusine, a highlight of Ta Hien

Famous for its diversity cuisine, Tạ Hiện please both those who are junk food lovers and those who come for Hanoi traditional dishes. The later the night gets, the busier the street is.

Visiting Ta Hien, don’t forget to note down the must-try dishes below:

Grilled honey quail: This is the favorite dish of many youngsters, it is not only delicious but quite affordable. With only 2US dollars, you have 4 crunchy, freaking scented quails to sip.

Grilled honey quails

Grilled honey quails

Beef noodles: fresh beef dried with garlic, greenbeen sprouts, some slices of pineapple make a mouth-watering bowl of noodles that you cannot resist.

Beef noodles in Ta Hien

Beef noodles in Ta Hien

Meat ball noodles: the vendor lies quietly in a corner of the street, there are always 2 big pans of broth with attractive scent from pork broth that lures any foodies passing by. Stop there, order a bowl of noodles to taste sweet, soft meat balls made from pork paste, wood ear mushroom and additives in a harmonious combination and you’ll never forget or regret.

Meat ball noodles

Meat ball noodles

As a paradise of junk food, it is a shortage not to mention crisp, stick cheese, tobboki, grill pork and so many others. These snacks are ready to satisfy any youngsters and it could not be greater if these are combined with a cup of lime or peach iced tea. 

Chicken feet: These parts of chicken are no familiar in Western but here in Vietnam it is quite popular and are made into different dishes. They can be stewed with spring onion, lemongrass, fried, grilled or picked. However they are cooked, the result is a strong boost to your appetizer and perfect matches your beer.

Salted chicken feet

Salted chicken feet

How to get to Ta Hien?

From Hoan Kiem lake, it takes few minutes to walk in to the South. Or if you find it too hard, ask local person around, they are willing to show you the way even with very limited English but you will sure get it.

Ta Hien is only a normal street but it is the place where Hanoi’s quintessences meets, which turn the normal street into an interesting destination. If you have a chance to travel to Hanoi, don’t forget to visit Ta Hien to bond with local and international visitors.

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