Eco-tourism area Ho Tien Sa & Thien Son Suoi Nga

Eco-tourism area Ho Tien Sa

Ho Tien Sa

60 km from Hanoi center, if you travel by mortobike or car, it takes only 1 hour to go to tourism area Ho Tien Sa, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district. According to legend, once upon time, the fairy usually flew down this land without King of Heaven’s permission, the fairy enjoyed clean water here and hurriedly sailed up into the clouds and dropped a shawl that created cloud around Tan Mountain forever.

Located under root of Tan Vien Mountain, Tien Sa lake owns a romantic landscape, blue water and mountains with cloud surrounding. Coming here, tourists seem to lose in an area of royal court because the construction here was designed in Chinese ancient architecture with attractive names: Five Happiness Gate, Thuan Thien Bridge, Uyen Uong house, Lien Hoa house, Nhi Long waterfall, Vien Son hotel, etc.

It is interesting when let your mind free in a nature of evergreen forest surrounding, hold a whole lake of 20 hectares. Somewhere near the lake, you could feel comfortable for fishing under rows of willow and take morning sun beams shining through leaves to mirror on the lake surface.

Moreover, it also brings different types of entertainment, especially fishing. Due to large and deep lake, the lake’s bed has a lot of big fish and other fish. In addition, Depending on your preference, you can choose different types of tourism as bathing, hiking, fun with domesticated monkeys or find thrills in the park with 9 –lane water skiing or participating outdoor sports such as soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc.

Suoi Nga Thien Son

thien son suoi nga

70 m from Hanoi city, Thien Son Suoi Nga located in the east of Ba Vi Mountain, is an ideal funny place for those who want to get 1-day tour or on weekends.

Surely, if you are Vietnamese, you will know clearly the legend of Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh and the fierce contest in Tan Vien Mountain. You will not be unsurprised to hear that eco-tourism zone Thien Son Suoi Nga located in Tan Vien mountian. Between the immense liberal and romantic scene, all remaining of busy lives will temporarily step back, give way to great feeling by being immersed in nature.

The entire resort is divided into three main areas: Ha Son, Trung Son and Ngoan Son. Ha Son attracts tourists by Tam Cap waterfall together with small streams and bridges spanning over streams as silk ribbons. Trung Son attracts visitors with beautiful bungalows decorated with lantern, rustic dishes, specialties of Ba Vi Mountain like roast chicken, cassava vegetable soup with spring fish, etc. in which the hightlight in tourism area is year-round Heaven Gate waterfall. The Heaven Gate waterfall has 25 meters in high and falls down mountain’s slopes to form a natural pool of 1.5 to 2m deep, the spring is an attractive place to tourists for bathing.

If you do not like bathing, you can participate in Water Park with swimming pool and water slides in Trung Son area. You must bathing beforehand and take swimming dress when deciding to participate in this artificial pool.

To feel all the beauty of Thien Son Suoi Nga, you should walk along a trail near the spring from to go to Thuong Son, the trail about 2 km following the meander stream, you will see some area of beautiful woodland.

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