Must-see Place in Hanoi Vicinity

Bao Son Paradise

thien duong bao son

It is said that Bao Son paradise is a suitable destination because it is not far from Hanoi center (about 5 m from Big C supermarket).  Located on the left right at number 8, Lang-Hoa Lac road, Bao Son paradise is an entertainment area with a number of separate areas characterizing Hanoi features, roomy space, ancient and modern combination, scenes recalling activities of Hanoi streets, etc.

On weekends (Saturday, Sunday, holidays) the ticket price costs 135,000 dong/ adult and 120,000 dong/child (normally, it is 20,000 dong cheaper). The price includes following acitivities: park visiting, aquarium, animal garden, dolphin circus, etc.

See price board for your reference here:

Aquarium visiting service: the aquarium has four storeys with turtles, various kinds of fish, animal garden with reptiles: snakes, pythons, etc. and lions, leopards. Moreover, tourists can see water puppet at 4 pm (plus 20,000dong) and at 7 pm water music free. A garden of spirit, orchid, bird, butterflies, etc. entrance for free.

2. Thanh Chuong Palace

viet phu thanh chuong

The Thanh Chuong palace in Soc Son is about 30 km from the city center (Hanoi suburban). This is a rural Tonkin village remaining traditional cultural values to introduce fully daily life of Vietnamese rural people.

Behind the palace’s entrance, you will see familiar images of countryside: a fish pond for fishing on the right and an old well on the left. The road starting from the main entrance to houses is covered by Bat Trang brick.

One of architectural beauties of this complex is houses built with different architectural styles. There is a stilt-house of Muong ethnic people over 100 years old imbued with style of deep forest but carrying poetic features; in addition, there is a Thanh Tinh house over 200 years old was made of ironwood, decoration under style of Northern delta; Tuong Van house is an ancient one under Nguyen dynasty, symbolizes for the rich of Hue court, approximate 300 years old; Dai Khoa house- a typical house of Bac Ninh region; Long Dinh house- a place for art performance.

After visiting culture at Viet palace, you will stop your step at a cuisine house with various Vietnamese food and beverage: spring roll, noodle soup, rice cake, etc.

Anyone who has come to Thanh Chuong palace will feel peaceful and wild beauty that is rare to find in a noisy and dusty urban. Coming here, tourists shall find typical architectures of ancient villages of the Vietnamese with entrances representing Tho Ha village, Duong Lam village together with court and royal tomb architecture of Hue old capital.

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