Foreign Tourists Draw Masks On Hanoi Walking Street

Foreign Tourists Draw Masks On Hanoi Walking Street. As a popular destination of foreign tourists, Hanoi walking street is famous for music performances and now becomes more interesting with face mask drawing activity, tattoo and HipHop dance.

Hanoi Walking Street (1)

On every weekend night, Hanoi walking street usually holds art and cultural activities. Of which, drawing face mask on Ma May street attracts a lot of tourists, especially foreigners.

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Makeup people are Hanoi young groups who use safe and dedicated ink to draw face masks.

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In June, people express their excitement to make up into characters of well- known movie Terminator: Genisys on coming. It takes about 10- 15 minutes to finish a face mask.

Hanoi Walking Street (2)

After finishing drawing, tourists from England, Denmark, Germany, etc. start their trip, discover Hanoi and cultural exchange with Vietnamese young people.

Hanoi Walking Street (3)

In addition, foreign tourists at Old Quarter on weekends also enjoy street music performances. Normally, such these performances take place in two hours and begin at 8 pm.

Hanoi Walking Street (6)

On the background of romantic music such as: Sway, Hungary Dance, Cotton Eye Joe; a couple of foreign tourists show their excitement and dance right in the Hanoi walking street, be one in the bustling atmosphere.

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As manager of Heritage House at 87 Ma May, street music performances are usually held here. Many people keep its schedule and come here on time to enjoy.

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