Ha Noi By Night Becomes Close on the Walking Streets

The Old Quarter is a place keeping cultural elite and living style of Hanoian. When night comes, walking around here, you will have chances to enjoy music, cuisine and restful moments with your friends.


In early October, six streets including Hang Buom, Ma May, Hang Giay, Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Hien, and Dao Duy Tu officially became walking streets at the aim of serving residents and visitors.


Three venues for traditional and contemporary music to serve visitors is the five-way intersection Dong Thai – Ma May – Dao Duy Tu – Hang Buom, the four- way intersection of Ta Hien – Luong Ngoc Quyen- Hang Giay and Hang Buom.


Bach Ma temple (in the four-way intersection Hang Buom- Hang Giay) is a place performing traditional music such as ca trù (an ancient genre of chamber music), xẩm singing (a type of Vietnamese folk music), etc.


On streets Dao Duy Tu, Ma May, Hang Giay, Luong Ngoc Quyen, etc., street artists perform instrumental music.


The intersection of Luong Ngoc Quyen and Ma May is used for traditional music.


Such these art forms attract a lot of tourists


Children here have chances to interact with foreign tourists.


The street dancers have passion for performing to serve visitors.


The intersection of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen is called the international intersection because many foreign tourists gather here.


With a length of 300 meters, the food street Hang Buom arranges 40 booths of traditional drinks, cakes and some snacks European and Asian styles. Only 5,000 VND, you have a cool glass of beer and feel free to chat with friends while watching the flow of people crossing the street.


The walking streets weekly begin on evenings of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In summer, it starts from 7pm to 12 am.

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