Dong Cao Prairie For A Weekend Picnic

Dong Cao Prairie For A Weekend Picnic. About 150 km from Hanoi, Dong Cao is suitable for a weekend picnic to reduce the summer heat and escape from the noise of urban.

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It is considered as a mini Tam Dao and Mau Son of Bac Giang province, Dong Cao makes a lot of tourists surprised at pristine landscapes and fresh cool air here. Dong Cao prairie is situated on the altitude of 1,000 meters, about 20 km from Don Dong district, Bac Giang province.

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The most expected time in day is at dawn and sunset. At that time, Dong Cao prairie looks like mysterious and attractive land, especially for photographers.

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Dong Cao prairie has not been exploited for tourism yet; hence it does not serve any service. You should prepare everything, from tent to food and drink.

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Aside from ancient rock grounds with strange shapes, herds of cow and buffalo grazing is a popular image.

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In addition to sightseeing in Dong Cao, tourists are able to discover some waterfalls and streams in its vicinity.

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Overnight camping is a favorite activity in Dong Cao prairie. If tourists want fire camping and stay overnight, let choose a flat place to set up tent. Tourists can buy wood from local people here at the foot of hills at the price of VND 50,000/ bunch. When travelling in crowded groups, you should hire big tent for 8 people at the price of VND 200,000 for the first day and VND 100,000 for second day upward.

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In case, you travel in small group and want to discover daily life of Dao ethnic people under the foot of mountain, you can ask for homestay.

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You should notice that the temperature here is always lower than the vicinity. If you want to stay overnight, you should bring a thin jacket, warm blanket, flashlight, stoves and insecticides. Especially, you need to prepare enough clean water and collect garbage before leaving.

From Hanoi, tourists can travel along highway 1 to Bac Giang city, and then turn into Son Dong district. When get Cam Dan bridge, turn left through 2 districts: Chien Son and Phuc Thang and go straight to Dong Cao. It takes about 4- 5 hours.

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