Great Grandfather Turtle in Hoan Kiem Lake Basks in the warm sunlight

On 8th December, the great grandfather turtle crawled up under the foot of Turtle Tower to bask in an hour.

The Turtle appears second time in month.

According to Associate Professor Ha Dinh Duc,  the Hoan Kiem turtle Tower laid on the foot of Turtle Tower from 9.30 am to 10:20 am.


The Hoan Kiem lake is still in good health and smooth shell.

This is the first time in December the Turtle appears. In November, the Turtle appeared five times, October, He appeared seven times.

Apart from spiritual and historical values, the Hoan Kiem turtle also attracted the attention of many people because according to scientists, this is the only remaining giant softshell individual. In 2011, Hanoi has taken the turtle up for examination and treatment for more than three months. Then the turtle was released into the wild with a lot of food.

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