Hang Luoc- Famous Flower Market in Hanoi


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Visiting Hang Luoc market is not only to enjoy Tet holiday but also an elegant pleasure of Hanoian because it is only held once a year.

Hanoi capital has abundant place to buy flowers for Tet holiday but to many people, Hang Luoc market always has its own position and brings back traditional atmosphere. Has been built since 20 century, the Hang Luoc market is considered the oldest flower market in Hanoi.

Under Le dynasty, Hang Luoc street was the land of Phu Tu village and Vinh Tru village where was famous for making combs. In 1912, Hang Luoc became well-known flower market in Thang Long with various kinds of flowers from peach in Quang Ba, Nhat Tan, daisy flowers of Ngoc Ha to new flowers in Bach Thao garden.

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Hang Luoc street nowadays is located in Hang Ma ward, Hoan Kiem district, in 264 meters long, stretches from Hang Cot street to Cha Ca street. More than 100 years from the first meeting, except 1947 Hanoi in battlefield, Hang Luoc annually holds the flower market.

The market begins from 23rd of December to 30th of December. During this period, peach, kumquat and various flowers gathered from all parts of country makes the small street busier on occasion of Tet holiday. It is called Hang Luoc flower market but it usually lasts from Hang Chai street to Hang Ma street, Hang Dong street, fresh flowers and bonsai are filled everywhere.

Unlike Quang Ba flower market, flowers are arranged in big or small piles, in Hang Luoc flower market, flowers are carefully selected and sold in separate areas. Traditional flowers are preferred such as peach, kumquat, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, dahlia, violet, narcissus, etc. In which peach flowers are hunted by many people near and far.

Due to be located in heart of the Old Quarter, it is quite rare to find wild peach, mainly red peach blossom branches. It is enough to dazzle buyers with various flowers. Not only that, golden color of daisies and orange pink color of gladiolus in the Old Quarter has strange attraction. Although it is very crowded, visitors do not flock to purchase, they just leisurely walk while watching until they want to buy, they will ask for price and bargain.

Beside fresh flowers, people can find various kinds of silk flower baskets. Although it is not special in Tet holiday, silk flowers and paper flowers in Hang Luoc are much in demand. They also sell special fruits such as: grapefruit wine-gourd, Buddha’s hand, etc, together with lucky envelopes.

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