Tasty and Cheap Roasted Bird at Ta Hien Street


chim nuong

Because the bird is young, its meat is sweet, tender and gragrant when roasted on charcoal. Despite of its attraction, the price is reasonable just 35, 000 dong/ dish (4 birds).

The shop has opened near 10 years. At those days, Ta Hien street was not busy as now, so customers also were not crowded. But nowadays, the street changed its look. It is not only a stop for foreign tourists every time they come to visit Hanoi, but also a busiest cuisine area for Hanoi teenagers. And then many dishes in the street are also developed such as:  cheese sticks, fried potato / sweet potato, fried fermented spring rolls and even “cool beer” had a chance to be honored. Of course, the shop of grilled bird also takes a chance by itself and has been much more demand than before.

chim nuong 2

The open time is from 3 pm to 9 pm, customers go back and forth all time. With modest area, hence customers jam inside shop, and then have to sit on sidewalks outside about ten small tables. The shop owner usually said: “Unfortunately, in many times, customers come but have no seat and I have to promise them another time to come back.”

Birds are kind of young quails that are rather bigger than a tea cup but they are fat and thick meat, unlike skinny and bony sparrow. Because of young birds, their meat is usually sweet and so tender that dinners can eat the hardest bone. Such a tasty quail that the shop owner just need to marinate a little salt and sweetness, and then grip in grills, roasted on charcoal until fragrant for a “scrumptious” food.

One more thing can not be denied that the price is so cheap. At present, the common price of roasted dove is 50,000- 70,000dong/ bird or skiny and bony sprarow with 20,000 dong/ bird. While Ta Hien roasted bird costs 35, 000 dong of 4 birds. It is full enough for 2 people, one  grill for each served with a dish of cucumber, a cup of tea. It is true that the dish is aromatic-delicious tonic- cheap compared to the expensive Old Quarter.

Address: 5B Ta Hien street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city

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