Hanoi Cuisine: Enjoy A Bowl of Vermicelli Soup

There is a wide variety of vermicelli, such as “bun oc” (vermicelli with shellfish soup), “bun rieu” (vermicelli with sour crab soup), “bun suon” (vermicelli with ribs soup), “bun bung”, “bun cha” (vermicelli with grilled chopped meat) and “bun thang” (rice vermicelli soup).It is almost impossible to resist the temptation of “bun rieu” soup.

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Vermicelli soup with crab has long become an indispensable dish of Hanoi. With a bit of sour flavor of vinegar or tamarind, a little “tai chua” and a few slices of ripe tomatoes and the sweet flavor of crab, shrimp paste, they all create an unforgettable dish.

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The original time of vermicelli soup still remains unknown, but through many years, the way of processing, and spices of this noodle dish today is slightly different. Vermicelli soup of old Hanoi includes only very basic ingredients such as crab, sour spices such as tomatoes, vinegar, tamarind, etc., noodles and indispensable vegetables as: chopped spinach, banana flower, perilla, salad and a little chilli. But along with the development of society, cuisine has also certain changes and vermicelli soup with crab is no exception to that rule.

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Vermicelli soup with crab in Hanoi in recent years has added many side foods to fit the tastes and needs of customers. Rare beef, fried tofu, spring roll, greasy boiled snails, or balut make vermicelli soup with crab more attractive.

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Especially, for gourmets, adding shrimp sauce will make a vermicelli bowl more delicious. However, no matter how much it changed, its characteristic taste remains unchanged through many years. Therefore, the dish is a must-try when you have a chance to visit Hanoi.

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A bowl of vermicelli soup with crab will be an attractive gift that you cannot miss out, especially in cool days during the fall.

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