Hanoi Cyclo: Together With Cyclos To Discover Hanoi

Have you discovered Hanoi streets by cyclo yet? In Hanoi tour, visitors would have the opportunity to travel Hanoi through the streets and small lanes by cyclos.

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The cyclo in the golden age in the mid-twentieth century

Cyclo land in Hanoi appear periods between 1939 and the transport of people rather popular in the mid-Ha into the twentieth century. During this period, the cyclos were mostly used for the class of the wealth and the elite of society.

Despite primitive type of vehicle, it is very interesting to travel crowded and bustling Hanoi by cyclo. During the trip in Hanoi, travelers take the time to explore the old and peaceful rhythm through shores of the lake, ancient streets with slow rotations of cyclo.

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A number of cyclos are being operated.

In Hanoi, there are four major cyclo operators located on Hang Dao Street and Hang Ngang street. No matter it is dawn or sunset, it is available for tourists to book cyclo tour with exciting and impressive experience.

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Sans Souci cyclos in Hanoi

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Cyclo with yellow roof and red cushion

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Whether it is on rainy or sunny, cyclos’ wheel are still slowly rolled on the street

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Together with cyclo to discover Hanoi capital.

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Cyclo under the sunlight of midday

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Cyclo also a mean of weddings

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Cyclo goes into the paper works of art

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