The Charm of West Lake In Winter Days

Sitting on the shores of Lake in winter days and enjoying pleasures of a hot cup of coffee is a remarkable choice for the weekend in Hanoi.


Located in the northwest of the Hanoi center, West Lake is a destination full of relaxation, a spacious space, immense in the heart of the capital for your time away from all the troubles of life.

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As a romantic and peaceful corner of the capital, West Lake has inspired many artists.

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Walking around West Lake you not only watch the romantic sunset but also see lakeside fishing.

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This season is no wind, the lake is calm and the sun shines sparkling golden color. On wooden bridges, with rod in hand, they like thoughtful artists.

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The road along the lake is one of the romantic dating sites, beautiful peace between the Capital, where couples often come for sightseeing and feeling.

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This is also an ideal spot to relax for foreigners who live and work in place of Hanoi.

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If you want to stop longer, please choose a small beautiful lakeside cafe to enjoy the relaxation and tranquility together.

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The moments of dawn and sunset are beautiful and poetic ones of West Lake. The sun is growing low, large, round and glittering golden color on a quiet lake.

On early morning or late afternoon, no matter it is winter or summer, people living near here often jog, do exercise and walk around the lake to improve fitness. In the minds of Hanoians, West Lake is always an interesting stop for a quiet space in the heart of the city.

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