Hanoi In The Eyes Of Singaporean Artist

For the first visit in Hanoi, Teoh Yi Chie, a Singaporean artist, recorded every image by drawing instead of the camera as ordinary tourists.

hanoi (1)

The first imprint was sketched on taxi.

hanoi (2)

From the window on the 3rd floor of his hotel, Teoh clearly sees the old town and the landscape. According to him, Hanoi hotel is worth the money and space is always warm and beautiful.

hanoi (3)

The first dinner when Teoh arrived in Hanoi is bun thang which was illustrated with drawings. And on the right is a sketch of snake wine jar Teoh saw.

hanoi (4)

The main gate of the Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi – one of the tourist attractions is interested by many foreign tourists. The Singaporean artist had a strong impression and said ” worth visiting to learn more about the history of Vietnam”.

hanoi (5)

Dong Xuan market in the spring of March. He also stressed this place fit for “buy souvenirs and clothes, but not branded ones”.

hanoi (6)

Ngoc Son Temple in the early sun.

hanoi (7)

The Huc Bridge is shimmering in the early sunshine.

hanoi (8)

The power poles in the city are also charming things to the young artist, but unfortunately he did not have time to paint them all.

hanoi (11)

Ha Ba Trung Street is always bustling with people and motorcycles.

hanoi (9)

Visiting a store to buy a pair of shoes for his girlfriend, Teoh saw everyone gathered in a BBQ.

Yeoh described: “Most of the Hanoi people drive motorbikes and park them on the sidewalk. So pedestrians always have to go on the roadway “-. His journey started from the 7th of March and ended with many good memories. Teoh said “I will return to Hanoi and may be accompanied by a few friends to draw”. Apart from Hanoi, the Singapore artist also visited the Ha Long Bay.

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