Nosh Paradise Not Exceed VND 35,000 in Hanoi

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Not listed, but the highest food price sold at Dong Xuan Market lane is just VND 35,000. This alley is compared as a nosh paradise in the capital by both foreign and domestic customers.

The lane with just a few hundred meters, near Dong Xuan market daily attracts thousands of foreign and domestic customers because of its common prices just from VND 10,000 to VND 35,000. Here have many long time shops.

Snail noodle soup and meat cake noodle soup are high-demand dishes in Dong Xuan lane. Mr. Marion from the United States said he came to Hanoi two years ago and taste all dishes in the lane. On this occasion of coming back Vietnam with his girlfriend, he will find back Dong Xuan land to enjoy delicious and cheap snail noodle soup.

The snail noodle soup of Ms. Thuy has age of 70 years. Her shop always attract crowd of customers because materials here are fresh and hygiene, various vegetables. A bowl of snail noodle soup costs from VND 30,000 to 35,000. The shop owner said she sells a few hundreds of bowls every day. In winter, to enjoy her dish, you have to wait in long line. The interest of each bowl of noodle soup is VND 10,000.

Apart from snail noodle soup, the pork cake noodle soup is listed in must-taste food in the paradise. The pork cake noodle soup with grilled pork meat kept by bamboo sticks is not popular in Hanoi but in Dong Xuan lane, shops of the special dish place one after another and crowded customers. The price costs about VND 25,000- 30,000/ bowl, cheaper than other places in Hanoi.

Despite small alley, most diners are preparing food on site. This is also a way to prove their fresh hygienic and fully handcrafted food materials which are trendy “looking for old items” of Hanoi.

A lot of foreign customers come to Dong Xuan lane because of not only enjoying Hanoi specialties in quickest way and most saving but also happy and wholehearted serving attitude fo shop owners. Ms. Dung, owner of fish noodle soup diner shared people usually mention Hanoi with unfriendly diners of noodle soup and congee but in this lane, it has never appeared. Apart from cheap and tasty dishes, other specialty of Dong Xuan market is smiles.

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