Hanoi Tourism- The World’s Cheapest Cost


                                                          One Pillar Pagoda

According to statistics and estimation of TripAdvisor, the capital of Vietnam has been put on top of 67 cheapest tourism cities for travelers.

The evaluation criteria of TripAdvisor based on total cost of a trip including a night stay at a 5 star hotel plus a dinner and cocktail, wine for two people and two short taxi tours in the city. The cost for this journey in Hanoi is 135 USD; the lowest in 67 cities around the world are surveyed.

The above result was announced after the annual survey of reader comments on the most expensive and cheapest cities in the world. Come after Hanoi is Jakarta city, Indonesia and next Sharmel Sheikh of Egypt.

cyclo hanoi

                                  Foreign tourists are interested in Vietnam cyclo

Moreover, Asia has 3 other cities in the cheapest tourism top. They are Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai (India) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The statistics affirms that Asia is still a ideal destination for cheap tours.

In the research of TripAdvisor last year, Hanoi stands second in the chart of the world cheapest cities in terms of tourism cost after the capital Sofia of Bulgaria.

Hanoi images:

hanoi 7

                                                       Phan Dinh Phung street

cong vien bach thao

                                                        Hanoi Botanical Garden

hoa phong tower

                                                        Hoa Phong Tower

van mieu 2

                                                       The Temple of Literature

hanoi 30

A corner of Hanoi cafe shop

ho guom 6

Hoan Kiem Lake

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