Hanoi Travel: Conquer Ham Lon (Pig’s Jaw) Top

Ham Lon is located in Doc Ton range, Soc Son, Hanoi. It is a familiar place to young people, especially for those who plan for a long-time mountain climbing.


It is about 40 km from Hanoi center and not too hard to travel in one hour.

Pig-jaw-top (7)

You can stop your motorbike at the house near lake, here you can hire rent for camping, buy food and a lot of other utilities.

Pig-jaw-top (1)

Tourists can start to climb mountains or visit Ham Lon lake. Nui Bau lake is a lake under the mountain, among pine hills.

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There are two ways leading to the mountain top. The first one is a trail, easy for going and little bushes.

Pig-jaw-top (3)

The second path is along the stream with more challenges that suit for those who like adventure and discovery.

Pig-jaw-top (4)

Especially in the rainy season, it will be a lot of water and very slippery moss.

Pig-jaw-top (5)

Although there are many parts tourists have to make their own ways, it is the main attraction for adventurous one.

Pig-jaw-top (6)

An airy view from the top down the foothill with a quiet lake

Pig-jaw-top (8)

Near the top of Ham Lon mountain has a shady and flat area for relax.

Pig-jaw-top (9)

You are allowed to camp overnight under the foothill near the lake.

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