Climbing Ham Lon (Pig Jaw) Mountain on Holiday

ho nui bau

Ham Lon mountain is located in Doc Ton range, Soc Son district, Hanoi city and a familiar place to the young, especially for those who intend to be trained before climbing Fansipang.

About 40 km form Hanoi city on the way of North Thang Long highway- Noi Bay, so the transportation is quite easy, just about one hours driving. Therefore, you are able to conquer it in a day or stay longer to contemplate sunset and dawn in the top of the mountain.

Nui Bau Lake

Tourists can start climbing Ham Lon mountain or visit Nui Bau lake before climbing. Nui Bau lake is a lake next to mountain’s root, among green pine wood. The pristine beauty here contributes to the lake’s attraction.

ham lon

                     Tourists are able to conquer Ham Lon by bike.

There are two ways to climb to the top. First way is a flat trail, easy to travel and fewer bushes. It takes about two and a half hours. The second way is a path along stream with many challenges, so it is suitable for those who like adventuring and discovering. It takes about 4 hours; tourists will have to overcome small streams and bushes. Although, some parts of the way, tourists have to open path by themselves, it is an attraction of the way to conquer this mountain.

cam trai nui ham lon

Camping to wait sunset

Near the top has a flat area. After conquering the height of 462 meters, tourists can camp here, relax and prepare to go down and wait for dawn or sunset.

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