Hanoi Travel- Water lily in Bloom at Yen Stream

Today, Hanoi-online.net invites you to visit a romantic place in Hanoi: Yen stream- Perfume Pagoda.

For those who have visited Perfume pagoda once remember the interesting feeling as boating through a small stream on the way to the pagoda. It is romantic Yen stream of 4 kilometers long winds around mountains. Especially, if you come here on November, you will see water lily in bloom.

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Water lily in Bloom at Yen Stream

Water lily bloom at the end of year; hence it is not festival season. That’s why it is very quiet and suitable for those who want to contemplate in peaceful space.

Nowadays, Yen stream has become a favorite tourist attraction in suburban Hanoi. There is nothing exciting like boating with friends, contemplating and taking nice photos.

In the season of water lily, Yen stream becomes a flower stream full of fresh pink color as an ink-painting. This place is chosen as wedding photoshoot location by many young couples.

Water lily flowers bloom under pale sunlight at the end of year.

Like lotus, water lily flowers are grown under water in ponds and lakes.  Water lily has something more powerful, beautiful and miraculous.

You can travel Yen stream- Perfume pagoda as route schedule: Nguyen Trai street- Ha Dong- Ba La- Van Dinh- Te Tieu- Perfume pagoda or towards 1A highway Phap Van- Cau Re. Or you can take bus number 211 at My Dinh car station.

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