West Lake Lotus Flowers in Blossom (Part 1)

In early summer days, Hanoi is highlighted with flower seasons in blossom, shimmering with sunshine. However, lotus flowers in ponds are most outstanding and most attractive to visitors. Together with Hanoi-online to admire gorgeous beauty of lotus blossoms in summer days.

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West Lake Lotus Flowers  (1)

Pink lotus flowers in West Lake blossom against blue background of sky.

In the end of May and beginning of June, West Lake surroundings are coated green color and gentle pink color of lotus flowers. On every lotus blossom season, Hanoi people and tourists feel surprised at its beauty.

West Lake Lotus Flowers  (2)

Tourists in Hanoi will be attracted in front of charm beauty of West Lake lotus blossoms.

West Lake Lotus Flowers  (3)

Lotus flowers in blossoms

Hanoi has many lotus villages, but West Lake lotus pond is described with distinct and attractive beauty. Around Japan wharf and Korean road, you will be one with pink lotus flowers among endless water flow.

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West Lake Lotus Flowers  (4)

Early lotus buds are hidden under green leaves.

West Lake lotus flowers are mainly pink ones and somewhere in middle of lotus pond, there are some white blossoms. In the early season, little lotus buds are usually hidden under floating green leaves, its pink coats hug bright yellow stamens. When in blossom, wide petals are shimmering under golden sunshine.

West Lake Lotus Flowers  (5)

Pure pink lotus flowers in the pond

West Lake lotus flowers were originally planted in Tri pond, West Lake palace nearby and have been bred in other Northern regions. West Lake lotus flowers have three flower layers, coated with many petals. Moreover, this kind of lotus is quite precious and also a quintessence of lotus tea cups.

West Lake Lotus Flowers  (6)

West Lake pink lotus flowers in blossom

In different time in day, tourists in Hanoi will discover distinct beauty of West Lake lotus flowers.

West Lake Lotus Flowers  (7)

Local people use basket boats to pick up lotus flowers.

West Lake Lotus Flowers  (8)

Basket boats are filled with pink lotus flowers.

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