A Peaceful Place at Weekend in Hanoi Suburban


50 km from Hanoi center, Quan Son Lake with romantic cloud, sky and water is compared as “small Halong” in Hanoi.

ho quan son 1

The Quan Son lake has width of 850 hectares with more than 100 mountains in different size silhouetted against the lake surface.

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Ticket price is 15,000 dong/person, 5,000 dong for motorbike watching. Visiting around Quan Son lake by tole boat with the price of 140,000 dong/4 people. The best time for your sailing is on early morning or from 2 pm onwards because at that time the sun will reduce heat.

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The Quan Son lake with vast water has a very beautiful lotus pond. People here said that in late June and early July, lotus flowers will have started blossoming. This is also the best time of Quan Son lake.

ho quan son 4

Lotus flowers uncover from water flowers and spread its fragrance. Beside lotus, Quan Son also has white flowers creating poetic landscapes on the lake’s surface.

ho quan son 5

On rainy season, water from mountain flows down the lake that creates small waterfalls with white foam. If you want to discover all beauties of Quan Son, you should visit here different time year around. Looking lotus flowers in summer and enjoying fish raw in winter. However, Quan Son has had few services, tourists coming here themselves discover a peaceful space.

ho quan son 6

Going through the lotus pond, the boat gently delivers tourists to a place named Hoa Qua Son. This is a land area cultivated by a farmer.

ho quan son 7

Hoa Qua Son grows various kinds of fruits such as: orange, litchi, figs, etc. but garden owner does not allow picking fruits, just walking around for sightseeing. Trees shadows bring back peaceful feeling of childhood in the house’s garden. Tourists are able to eat, drink, relax for lunch and ramble around the lake before finishing a day of travelling.

ho quan son 8

Quan Son lake viewed from the top of Hoa Qua Son.

ho quan son 9

The small boat will go through some other places as: Lion island, Voi Phuc hill, Giang Xe mountain, trau da Bac mountain, etc. it is not less beautiful than Ha Long.

ho quan son 10

On every afternoon, residents living around the lake put trap to catch shrimp. The shrimp dish is most delicious in October. Moreover, Quan Son has another specialty called the fish raw that is served with tens of leaves. Only people here know how way to make this dish.

ho quan son 11

Experience the feeling of sailing and ask boatmen to take memory photos. They are also amateur tour guides introducing all beauties of Quan Son area.

Among blue water and sky, red Poinciana, and Giant Crape-myrtle make Quan Son more beautiful.

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