Only in Vietnam: Conical Leaf Hat at Bell Village

From long time ago up to now, conical leaf hats have become an indispensable part of Vietnam culture. The conical leaf hat is associated with Vietnamese girls’ images and the Bell village is associated with the conical leaf hat. In reference to location, the Bell village is about 40 km from Hanoi city center in the west. It is necessary to visit the Bell village for knowing more about Vietnamese culture.


The conical leaf hat in the Bell village has long been associated with Vietnamese people.

The exact appearing time of conical leaf hats still remain unknown. The first images of the conical leaf hat were carved on Ngoc Luc bronze drum in period 2,500- 3,000 years ago. The leaf hats contribute to the life of Vietnamese people so popularly that from the elderly to the young, from male to female, official staff to farmers, everyone knows about it. Speaking to the hat, people mention to a girl with her “ao dai” (Vietnamese traditional costume).

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (1)

Sometime in the past, the conical leaf hats appeared in children’s writings.

There are a lot of places making conical leaf hat, but the Bell village is the most famous one in the whole Northern region. Over historical ups and downs, the village still has kept its traditional handicraft until now. The conical leaf hats of the Bell village in the past were paid tribute to princess and queens.  The conical hat owns its distinct beauty and was made by talented and clever hands of professional craftsmen. Nowadays, the conical leaf hat in the Bell village has sprouted in existence and contributes to introduce Vietnam images to world friends.

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (2)

The Bell village market

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (3)

The conical leaf hat market of the Bell village

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (18)

The conical leaf hat used to be too familiar to Vietnamese people.

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (4)

The round framework before covered with leaves.

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (5)

The elderly in the Bell village spent their whole life to conical leaf hats.

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (11)

Conical leaf hats are meticulously and cleverly made

Only-in-Vietnam-Conical-Leaf-Hat-at-Bell-Village (12)

Simple completed conical leaf hats

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